Investing for Tomorrow

ROC2025 isn’t another economic development organization. It’s a collaborative vehicle for investing to build and sustain a truly world-class system that helps Greater Rochester thrive. Our innovative alliance structure was specifically designed to coordinate capacity-building investments that deepen the horsepower of our regional economic growth ecosystem.

Here’s how.


ROC2025’s investments have activated one of the nation’s most robust and integrated regional talent strategies. Our portfolio of funded programs, led by the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, is driving a multifaceted strategy to attract and retain world-class talent to support growth in the region. Together, we’re increasing the effective size and connectivity of our employable labor force, recruiting talent to the region, improving the retention rate of our college graduates, and positioning our metro as a top-flight destination for the best and brightest.


ROC2025 is making significant capacity-building investments in a coordinated business growth ecosystem. Through grants to Greater Rochester Enterprise, we’re expanding the region’s horsepower to identify business growth prospects, cultivate national site selectors, strengthen relationships with C-level executives, respond quickly to inbound business growth opportunities, and conduct proactive outreach with high-growth targets. This includes attracting external companies and retaining and expanding incumbent companies, ensuring the firms that already call Greater Rochester home have the connectivity and support they need to thrive.


ROC2025 is helping drive a sea change in Downtown Rochester, building on recent years’ redevelopment momentum to create a new paradigm in how the public and private sectors join forces to activate and enhance key spaces. With seed capital from ROC2025 and New York State, the new Partnership for Downtown Rochester is leading the charge to create a new Business Improvement District, which will generate net new resources to increase street-level vitality and enhance the downtown experience for residents, visitors, and workers.


ROC2025 has brought to life the most significant, coordinated regional branding and marketing campaign in the region’s history. The “Greater ROC” campaign is reclaiming and reasserting Greater Rochester’s story and visibility, and elevating its reputation and profile as a place to live, work, play, and start or grow a business. Greater ROC is celebrating our region and telling its story boldly, loudly, and authentically through the voices of the people who call it home.